Monday, February 9, 2009

So Frustrated

Back in December, while my hubby was in the hospital from having his heart attack, my youngest daughter said she would stay with him on Sunday night. Well, I had basically been up with him for two nights and had gotten up early on Friday morning to take oldest daughter to have her portacath removed so to say the least I was exhausted. Not only physically tired, but mentally,and emotionally. Here I thought I was about done with "nursing" for a while and he decided to have a heart attack! At that point, we didn't know if surgery was going to required or what the treatment would be, only that he had had the heart attack so I let her stay so that I could have one night of sleep in my own bed in case I was there for several more nights with him. As I was driving home, talking on my phone, giving a report about Ronnie to a friend, all of a sudden there's a cop standing in the middle of the road. My first thought was that there must be a wreck ahead and he's detouring me around the area. Well, NO, he had radar and was pulling me over.

Him: Hi Mam, did you know you were speeding?

Me: No, I just left my husband at the hospital from having a heart attack and was giving a friend a report. I just know I wasn't driving very fast.

Him: I need to see your license.

Me: Ok..... (I hand him my license)

Him: Oh, my aunt lives on that street......she lives past the stop sign (proceeds to tell me where she lives)

Me: Oh, well I don't know her.

He goes and calls in my license and tags to make sure I'm not some wanted criminal. You know it's hard to tell, this 50ish woman, who hasn't slept in two days and hasn't changed clothes since the morning before.....I'm sure I looked real criminalish.

Him: I'm just going to write this for 5 over so the judge will dismiss it when you go to court

Me: I don't have time to go to court.

Him: It's not until February......He'll dismiss it when you go to court.

Me: How much will it cost me to just pay it

Him: $35.00

Me: Just how fast did you clock me...I know I wasn't going very fast.

Him: 44

Me: What is the speed limit?

Him: 35

Well, I put the ticket in the glove compartment and basically forgot about it until today. When I pulled it out, the date for court is tomorrow. A friend of mine told me that I could go online and pay it so that is what I started trying to do. All it would say is "This ticket is not payable."

I know this is getting long, so bottom line is....I called the number, they won't let me pay $35.00 now and I HAVE to go to court. Well, in Memphis, TN, to go to 201 Poplar is like being in jail. You feel like a criminal when you walk in. Memphis is not safe on a good day, much less going to court where all of the "thugs" hang out. And they wonder why people are moving out of Memphis right and left. I mean, really, you'd think they would take my money instead of spending time telling me it's dismissed.

I am not a happy speeder today. I mean how many places ticket you for less than 10 miles over anyway. And he didn't care or either didn't believe me that I had been at the hospital. I mean, I hope he didn't think I look like that all the time!

So, I'll be spending my day tomorrow in court.



  1. Hope you don't get mugged! Where in MS do you live?

  2. I'm so sorry. I'll say a prayer that all goes well tomorrow.

  3. Oh I am so sorry. That is such a bum deal.
    I'm 45 and I never received a ticket until several months ago (and I got 2 with in a couple months of each other). RATS! I did deserve them but it was still no fun.

    Well in spite of going to court, I pray that the Lord blesses your week in really special ways! : )

  4. Sorry you have to spend your day in traffic court. Been there and that is no fun. Please be safe while in Memphis.