Tuesday, February 24, 2009


See that sweet angel there??? Well, most of the time, I love her to death, she is the sweetest dog, but other times.......well, let's just say.......not so good when I go look in my flower beds at my shrubs.

Not sure if you can see the hole there, but she LOVES to dig around the shrubs and leave the roots showing. I'm afraid she is going to kill all our shrubs. When we bought this house 3 1/2 yrs ago, we pulled up everything that was here, except for a few crepe myrtles, and started over. It wasn't cheap to do it either. A little over a year ago, I felt sorry for her for having to stay in a pen so we put in an invisible fence around the whole 2 acres. Well, ok, it really wasn't her fault, my little sweet angel, also known as "demon dog", but whom I love dearly, wouldn't listen to me and would always run away. Anyway, now Sadie gets to run loose all the time. She is GREAT about not going out of the yard and it only took a couple of times getting shocked (she learns fast), but I am threatening to put her back in the pen if she doesn't stay out of the shrubs. We have worked so hard......ok, hubby has WORKED so hard, but I had the ideas and supervised, to make the flower beds look good and I am getting really disgusted that everytime I go out, I find a new "hole".

Does anyone have any suggestions? We've read that red pepper works, it didn't for us. We read to use moth balls, but I won't do that, I think they are poison. PLEASE HELP......I don't like being mad at my babies!



  1. No fun! Wish I could help, but our furbaby stays in the house unless we are outside with her. I hope you find a solution though.


  2. Sorry Vicki, I'm no help either.

    I love the new background! It is so cute!