Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bless this Mess - literally

I know we've all heard that saying and probably even used it a few times, but I am begging and pleading this time! My house has gotten in such a mess, I don't seem to find time to clean, I mean really clean, or finish my laundry (I iron everything). I have laundry piled up in the spare bedroom, my kitchen has become a catchall on the breakfast table, and our bedroom just is.....what can I say.......just is. I thought about taking pictures because I don't let this happen very often, but I certainly decided against pics. I mean really, you people only know me from my blog and hopefully, I seem like a nice person who would keep their house presentable. Oh yea, our house is actually on the market right now, but that's another story. If they called to show it, I'd have to laugh in their face!

The best part of this story, well, the most unbelieveable part to me........Cindy and I are shopping today for a baby shower........that we are having next at our house!

I have a few minutes before we leave, so maybe I should get off the computer and go do something!

Have a great Saturday,



  1. GM Vicki...girl you are too what I do is just spray Pine-sol by the door and when people come they think you have been busy cleaning..Hey this works on my Len every time..when all I really have done was be on blogging..Hope you have a fun day shopping...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria ps love your Sammi by daughters has 2 of those fur babies..she carry them every where..told her she could sell them and adveristed them as paws never used..

  2. We've all been in the same boat at one time or another. You'll find your way through it. I have great faith in you.

  3. Vicki-Girl maybe you should make it easy on yourself and hire a maid service for a day. Than you can concentrate on the shower!

  4. Hi Vicki...girl, you should see my house right now! Trust are not alone! A baby shower...that will be fun! I'm like Susie's idea...hire someone! :-) I say that and I've never done it...always think they won't do as good a job as I would like. BTW, I love your header pic with the cute bunnies! Oh, just thought of something...take pics of the table with the food at the can use it for an upcoming Tablescape Thursday! :-)