Tuesday, February 24, 2009


See that sweet angel there??? Well, most of the time, I love her to death, she is the sweetest dog, but other times.......well, let's just say.......not so good when I go look in my flower beds at my shrubs.

Not sure if you can see the hole there, but she LOVES to dig around the shrubs and leave the roots showing. I'm afraid she is going to kill all our shrubs. When we bought this house 3 1/2 yrs ago, we pulled up everything that was here, except for a few crepe myrtles, and started over. It wasn't cheap to do it either. A little over a year ago, I felt sorry for her for having to stay in a pen so we put in an invisible fence around the whole 2 acres. Well, ok, it really wasn't her fault, my little sweet angel, also known as "demon dog", but whom I love dearly, wouldn't listen to me and would always run away. Anyway, now Sadie gets to run loose all the time. She is GREAT about not going out of the yard and it only took a couple of times getting shocked (she learns fast), but I am threatening to put her back in the pen if she doesn't stay out of the shrubs. We have worked so hard......ok, hubby has WORKED so hard, but I had the ideas and supervised, to make the flower beds look good and I am getting really disgusted that everytime I go out, I find a new "hole".

Does anyone have any suggestions? We've read that red pepper works, it didn't for us. We read to use moth balls, but I won't do that, I think they are poison. PLEASE HELP......I don't like being mad at my babies!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bless this Mess - literally

I know we've all heard that saying and probably even used it a few times, but I am begging and pleading this time! My house has gotten in such a mess, I don't seem to find time to clean, I mean really clean, or finish my laundry (I iron everything). I have laundry piled up in the spare bedroom, my kitchen has become a catchall on the breakfast table, and our bedroom just is.....what can I say.......just is. I thought about taking pictures because I don't let this happen very often, but I certainly decided against pics. I mean really, you people only know me from my blog and hopefully, I seem like a nice person who would keep their house presentable. Oh yea, our house is actually on the market right now, but that's another story. If they called to show it, I'd have to laugh in their face!

The best part of this story, well, the most unbelieveable part to me........Cindy and I are shopping today for a baby shower........that we are having next week........here at our house!

I have a few minutes before we leave, so maybe I should get off the computer and go do something!

Have a great Saturday,


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

One of my new "friends" in the blogging world tagged me for this award......MY FIRST! I can't say that I've been very good about keeping up with this, and it's been a few days since she did it, but here I am now and I promise I'm going to do better and start blogging about some of my interest such as decorating and "decorating" the outside of my home also. I can't wait for spring.

I am supposed to tell 10 honest things about myself and then tag 7 people to do the same..so here I go:

1. I got married 3 weeks after high school graduation.
2. I have been married to the same man for 37 years.
3. I started dating (or sneekin with) my hubby when I was 13.
4. I absolutely LOVE ice cream, mint chocolate is my favorite.
5. I will fly, but am scared to death everytime I do.
6. My oldest brother was killed in a plane crash, hence #5.
7. I cannot wear anything that has not been ironed (yes I iron everything)
8. I have always wished that I had a sister and am jealous of my friends who do.
9. I miss my daddy more everyday and cannot believe he's been gone 7 years.
10. I love the mountains and the beach, in that order.

Now for the 7 people I tag:

Gloria at Happy to Be
Helen at Living Boldly
Susie at Digging in the Dirt
Becky at Looking Through the Eyes of Luv
Lynne at Lynne's Gifts from the Heart
God's Girl at Contentment Corner

Let me know when you post your 10 things so I can be sure and come see them!

It's cold here again and I'm SICK of it. Everyone here is getting sick from 70's one day and 30's the next. My daughter has strep and I'm just hoping that we all don't end up with it since she lives here and came in the den this morning before going to the dr., opened her mouth and said "look at my throat". Of course, I looked at her, turned away and told her that I wanted no part of it, and wasn't getting in her face to look in her throat. I did that enough when she was a little girl!! Actually, I seriously didn't want to get that close and chance getting sick. So far this winter, I haven't had the "crud" and I'm trying really hard not to.

Have a great Friday!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quiet Weekend

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day. We did around although a little different this year. I do marketing for a Chick-fil-A here in town. We usually try to do something on Valentine's Day there for families. Last year, I promoted Valentine's with a "Who do you love more than your family" night. The idea behind it was to "save the date" night until the weekend and celebrate Valentines Day with Dora and your family at Chick-fil-A. That went over much better than we thought it would so this year we had "Breakfast with Dora" at Chick-fil-A. We even had heart shaped chicken biscuits! It was packed so Ronnie came up to the restaurant and after I was done, we went for "late lunch, early dinner". I hate fighting the crowds on holidays so this was perfect for me. We came back home afterwards and watched Uof M(Memphis) basketball game and just "chilled" the rest of the night. No, it wasn't anything glamorous or exciting, but great for us this year. Some of you know that our oldest daughter and grandson live with us and this was the weekend for him to be with his dad so it was quiet around here, and we savor the quiet days these days.
I hope you got to spend your day exactly the way you wanted!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not So Bad Afterall

Well, I went to pay my dues for speeding this morning and I have to admit, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. Yes, it was still just a waste of time and yes, I did feel like a criminal, but all in all, not as bad as expected. I wanted to take a picture of the line, but of course, my battery was DEAD in my camera. You can tell I haven't been making sure I am ready at all times to capture those pics for the blog!

I got there, well, of course, the security thingie goes off with me. After the guard waves the wand all around me, he lets me go. After finding Div. 2 Traffic Court, I see this line across the hall, well no big deal, I'm here now, I'll just get in line and make friends with the people around me, after all, I'll talk to anybody. Well, I go across the hall, around the corner, down the hall, still down the hall, all the way down the hall, then start coming back up the hall.....to the end of the line. Which by the way, is next to the line for criminal court. I'm not feeling real good about this situation right now. Anyway, I get in line and of course, there's people already behind me in line that had followed me .......down the hall:). We chit chat all the way back down the hall in line, which by the way really didn't take that long. As we get in sight of the court room, we see two "clerks" sitting inside at desk......no judge. I'm assuming that everyone in that line got tickets, were told to come to court to get them dismissed. What a waste of time and taxpayers money. Well, as we got inside the court room, the girl in front of me, who had not been talking to us other girls, until they made her boyfriend or whatever leave the line, started talking a little bit. Well, we discovered that we got our tickets on the same street one week apart.....then the girl behind me, said she got her ticket on that street two a week after me. By this time, we are almost to the front of the line and 5 policemen are sitting there, I'm assuming they all wrote tickets to be in court today. She looks at one and tells him that he wrote her ticket. I turned around to look and he said "did I write your ticket too?" I said what is your name, then told him yes he did. One of the other guys asked him if he wrote every ticket there. Well, I couldn't miss my chance, so I looked at him and very nicely reminded him that I was the one who had just left their husband in the hospital with a heart attack. Immediately, the other guys started ragging him about giving me a ticket. He did end up very nice and asked about my husband, told me he was glad that I didn't pay it and came to get it dismissed. I know revenge is not a good thing, and I'm not looking at it like revenge, just God giving me a little justice on a not so bright day!

Oh, and on the way to court, they announced on the radio that Memphis is ranked 2nd in the list for most miserable cities. Way to go Memphis! I could tell them why if they asked!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

So Frustrated

Back in December, while my hubby was in the hospital from having his heart attack, my youngest daughter said she would stay with him on Sunday night. Well, I had basically been up with him for two nights and had gotten up early on Friday morning to take oldest daughter to have her portacath removed so to say the least I was exhausted. Not only physically tired, but mentally,and emotionally. Here I thought I was about done with "nursing" for a while and he decided to have a heart attack! At that point, we didn't know if surgery was going to required or what the treatment would be, only that he had had the heart attack so I let her stay so that I could have one night of sleep in my own bed in case I was there for several more nights with him. As I was driving home, talking on my phone, giving a report about Ronnie to a friend, all of a sudden there's a cop standing in the middle of the road. My first thought was that there must be a wreck ahead and he's detouring me around the area. Well, NO, he had radar and was pulling me over.

Him: Hi Mam, did you know you were speeding?

Me: No, I just left my husband at the hospital from having a heart attack and was giving a friend a report. I just know I wasn't driving very fast.

Him: I need to see your license.

Me: Ok..... (I hand him my license)

Him: Oh, my aunt lives on that street......she lives past the stop sign (proceeds to tell me where she lives)

Me: Oh, well I don't know her.

He goes and calls in my license and tags to make sure I'm not some wanted criminal. You know it's hard to tell, this 50ish woman, who hasn't slept in two days and hasn't changed clothes since the morning before.....I'm sure I looked real criminalish.

Him: I'm just going to write this for 5 over so the judge will dismiss it when you go to court

Me: I don't have time to go to court.

Him: It's not until February......He'll dismiss it when you go to court.

Me: How much will it cost me to just pay it

Him: $35.00

Me: Just how fast did you clock me...I know I wasn't going very fast.

Him: 44

Me: What is the speed limit?

Him: 35

Well, I put the ticket in the glove compartment and basically forgot about it until today. When I pulled it out, the date for court is tomorrow. A friend of mine told me that I could go online and pay it so that is what I started trying to do. All it would say is "This ticket is not payable."

I know this is getting long, so bottom line is....I called the number, they won't let me pay $35.00 now and I HAVE to go to court. Well, in Memphis, TN, to go to 201 Poplar is like being in jail. You feel like a criminal when you walk in. Memphis is not safe on a good day, much less going to court where all of the "thugs" hang out. And they wonder why people are moving out of Memphis right and left. I mean, really, you'd think they would take my money instead of spending time telling me it's dismissed.

I am not a happy speeder today. I mean how many places ticket you for less than 10 miles over anyway. And he didn't care or either didn't believe me that I had been at the hospital. I mean, I hope he didn't think I look like that all the time!

So, I'll be spending my day tomorrow in court.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Addiction

Well, there's a new addiciton for me. I don't know how many of you have a Wii, but we've had one for quite a while now. A couple of weeks ago, my youngest daughter, who is married, and a 3rd grade teacher told me that she had a new Wii game. After telling me about it and figuring out just how much time she was spending playing it, I proceeded to tell her how silly that was and that I couldn't believe she had that much time on her hands. Everytime we talked, and we talk several times everyday, she would tell me about her "town". I really could not believe that she was so "into" this game. Well, last weekend, my other daughter, who lives with us with my grandson, came in with this game. I proceeded to tell her that I couldn't believe she went out and got this game. She spent hours playing it, well, it seemed like hours because the Wii is on the tv downstairs, but it was quite a while.
Somehow, this week, I suddenly decided I would see what all the hype was with this game. Now, you have to understand, I LOVE computer games and Wii games. I actually like doing Wii Fit. I have to be really careful because there are casinos really close to where I live. It's not the "gambling" aspect that I love, I just love to play those kinds of games. Not board games, they are too slow for me, but I love pogo games and slot machines. Well, I set up my Mii, in my town and now I can't get enough. It is amazing the things you can do on here. You have to pay for your house, you have to fish, dig fossils and other things to sell to make your living. There is always something new to do. You can even go to other towns via internet. My daughter called me this afternoon and came to visit in my town, it's amazing how they do these things. Do any of you have this game? If not, it's definitely fun! What's your addiction?

Oh yea, it's warmer this weekend, and I spend my time inside on the Wii......go figure! Actually, we did clean up all the cars, inside and out...and ran some errands, but that's another story!

Have a great week,


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Last Chance Harvey

I have been seeing the ads for Last Chance Harvey with Dustin Hoffman for a while now and really wanted to see it. After realizing that it's not even showing at all the theaters around here, I was afraid it was about to "leave" the big screen so I called a friend and we went to see it tonight. Yes, very much a "chick flick" and very predictable.....in an "unpredictable" way. Honestly, it started off slow and I was getting worried that I had drug my friend to see this movie that I have talked about for weeks now and then it wasn't going to be good. Well, it picked up quickly and turned out to be pretty good. Now, it's not one that I would go back to see again. You know those that you see, then a friend just really wants to see it so you go back. Not sure I would go back, but not sorry that I went the first time. If you're looking for something to shed a "few" tears, not really a tear jerker, but I'm a softie, then it's a good one to see.

Have you seen anything lately that is a "must see". I think my next one is going to be either, He's just not that into you or New in Town. Yep, I'm a chick flick kind of girl!

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Brrrrrr, it's cold!

Well, I said I was ready for warmer weather and it only seemed to get colder outside. I am so ready to get outside and "do something"! Of course, Ronnie says when "I" want to do something, it only means one thing for him. And that is true. We work as a team.....I think of the ideas, picture them in my mind, then tell him what it is supposed to look like......then he gets busy. I've never been a "digger" in the dirt although for the last few years, I had done alot more that I have in the past. It really doesn't have much to do with the fact that I don't like doing it, I think my ADD just kicks in. You see, I can come up with a million ideas and if they could be done in a few hours, ok, minutes, I would be great to help. But we all know it doesn't work that way. I will start a project, and in a little while, I'm on to something else and you guessed it....it's not usually finished. Poor Ronnie, after about half an hour, hour at the most, he's on his own. Oh, I'll come back and "check" on him (just to make sure he's still working), I don't leave him alone, but I just can't do anything for hours at a time. Now, ok, I have been know to sit at the computer for hours at a time, but I can get up, get something to drink, go to the potty, then come back. That's not a problem for me......at all. This spring may be a little different for us this year. Ronnie had a heart attack back in December and I'm not sure exactly what he'll be able to do. He says he'll be doing what he does every summer, but we'll see. You see, I'm really not a "slave driver" with him about working in the yard. He mows about 5, maybe 6 yards a week. He started doing that when we were younger and needed the extra money, then when he lost his job several years ago, he said he would never go back to "corporate" America again, and started mowing yards as his job. About 3 years or so ago, he went back to work in a printing company and had a few customers that he really liked and didn't want to give them up, so he went to work 4 days a week and mows grass on one day. He says he will still do it this year and that it is his "relaxation", I think he means that I can't talk to him while he is riding the mower!! Anyway, we'll see how this summer goes and how much extra "stuff" we get to do around here.

Hoping you're warmer there than we are here, only low 30's today!