Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Never Satisfied

Well, we didn't get the ice....a good thing. We did get a "dusting" of snow....not a good thing. It was only "a dusting". I mean really, if school is going to be out, people are going to rush to the grocery, we may as well get a "big one". Don't you agree?

I'm going to attempt to put a picture on here....this should be interesting. I am learning slowly, but we'll see how long this one takes. I know I sound like I'm computer illiterate or something, but it really is just that I don't sit still in one place long enough to learn how to do this. I'm one of these people who come to the computer, do something, look at email or a blog or two, then I leave and go do something else, then come back and repeat the process. I normally don't sit here for hours at a time. Now, don't get me wrong, I spend way too much time here, it's just not all at one time. Maybe that's the problem, if I spend all my time here, then left and didn't come back, that might get more accomplished everywhere. Well, that's probably not going to happen, so I just wasted all that time figuring that out!

Have a great day, I'm off to work for a little while. That's the beauty of my job, I can pretty much do it when I want to, either here or at the restaurant. Stay warm!



  1. We didn't even get a dusting...fine with me! :-)

  2. Your dusting of snow is beautiful girl.. We have sunshine today and a promise of almost 60 on Saturday and then the bottom is suppose to fall out and be bitter cold again next week.. hope all is well your way today..
    hugs ~lynne~