Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brrrrrr........it's cold

Well, they say we are going to have an ice storm tonight, but who really knows. First it was going north of us, then coming here, now who knows.....is this weather crazy or what. Today, it was 38 degrees here, but only 75 miles from here, it was 65 degrees. Now that's crazy. I guess because it's not very far and not unusual to drive there, it just doesn't seem like there should be that much difference in the temperature.

Hopefully, we are about to get back to normal around here. Jacob is much better after the dr. trip and getting medicine....of course you've never seen a girl that could hold a candle to my little "drama king"! He was walking a little "gingerly" tonight and his Papa reminded him that he was walking just fine when he picked him up at school today, well, you should have seen that grin on his face. I think he knows how to get some "extra lovin" from Grammy.

Hope you stay warm where you are and if we get some ice, I'll be sure to send some pictures, there really is nothing prettier than an ice covered tree!


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  1. I've been thinking about all my friends who are having a rough time with the cold and snow and ice. It actually makes me feel a little guilty about how wonderful our weather has been. Stay warm.