Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mother Nature is Messing With Us!!

The sun is shining brightly outside, I am so excited. I just went to my car to get something, as I was walking by the tv, I see a weather advisory in the corner. "Flash Flood Warning" until 5:30. Thank goodness it is for counties north of us. As far as I know, it's not going to rain here!! Yay!

I know I sound like a broken record, but I am soooo tired of rain. It has rained here for 9 days straight, with just a hint of sunshine for a few minutes yesterday afternoon, then thunderstorms this morning. The sun is very bright right now, but no, I'm not getting excited, no, not me. I will wait for the forecast on the news before I get excited. Seriously, it is SUPPOSED to get nicer in the next couple of days.

I'm looking forward to all this rain making the leaves change colors and be bright and beeeeautiful in October. We are planning a short trip to the Smokey Mts. in October so hopefully, it will be worth all the torture that we've been through for the last week to see God's hand at work creating the beauty that only He could create.

Hope your weather is nice and bright!



Ok, just watched the weather forecast, rain everyday until Sunday. Fun Fun!


  1. I'm so jealous of your trip. I love the Smokey mountains. Not so jealous of your rain though. It's raining here today too.

  2. I was just fixing to say, don't tell me you're not getting these downpours. Hopefully the sun will shine soon. It did here for a good part of the day and it was so hot and muggy.